PNS Foundation

(Smt P Prabhavathamma and Sri P Nagaraja Setty Foundation)
a Public Charitable Trust &

PNS Enterprises

(Smt P Prabhavathamma and Sri P Nagaraja Setty Enterprises)
a Partnership Firm


Economic Growth is the solution for most of the problems we are facing in our Country. Hence, we have formed a Public Charitable Trust and a Partnership Firm, which will bring in the best of the people for the development of our Country. We take up charitable and business activities. The entire donations and profits of this Group will be utilized for the development of the general public.


-> To improve the Standard of Living of Indians
-> To reach a stage where we can proudly say "We live in a developed Country called India".

To start with

1) Already available - A Job portal - free of cost for both the employers and employees (Please refer to instructions as to how to use)

2) Already available - A portal by name "Problems and Solutions" (Please refer to instructions as to how to use)

3) Improve the standard of education.

4) Create awareness and assist the citizens in availing various schemes and benefits provided by Government and other agencies.

5) Commence a canteen to provide very hygienic and homely food at reasonable prices.


Every Trustee, Partner, Member, Staff and Volunteers who are directly associated must take an oath once in every six months in front of their area members / general public on Independence Day and Republic Day that

a. They have not done any Act which is detrimental for the objectives of the Group

b. They have not stolen / diverted any funds

c. Trustees, Partners and Members do not have any right to withdraw or use the funds of the Group for their personal use.

d. The Group will establish Centres / Shops / Commercial establishments for the purpose of :

* Charitable / Trading / any other business activity.

* Knowledge dissemination centres.

* Administrative work and meeting point for the members.

* To provide necessary facilities for members and public to sell their produce - especially beneficial for farmers / artisans / others who produce items at their houses.

* To assist people in fulfilling their duties as Citizens like Voter registration etc.

* Establishing Legal Cells

Raising of Funds- Through

-> Donations
-> Business